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How to Cook a Turkey:
Recipes, Tips, How-tos... EVERYTHING You Need!

This is it: your uber-complete guide to how to cook a turkey for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or just because. Tips, recipes, techniques, side dishes, thawing, roasting... everything! Need more be said?

This amazingly (even obnoxiously) thorough guide to how to cook a turkey may just well change your outlook on turkey forever. Who'd have thunk there was this much to know about a simple (though scrumptious) bird? In fact, you may get as tired of reading the word turkey as you do of eating leftover turkey (and btw-- you'll find recipes for that here, too) once the holidays are over.

If you don't find the answers you're looking for here, go to the bottom of the page to ask a turkey question!

The Ultimate Handbook on to How to Cook a Turkey

If you're attempting your first holiday turkey, you'll find all the techniques, turkey cookin' supplies, thawing times, recipes and stuff you'll ever need. Even if you've got plenty of experience cooking turkey, we have lots of information here for you, too-- there are probably some things here you've never tried before!

If there's something to be known about cooking and eating a turkey, you'll find it below. Really.

Recipes for Baked & Roasted Turkeys

Roast Turkey RecipeRoast Turkey

These recipes for simple, tasty roast turkey are so easy that anyone can make them. And so tasty that any chef would want to.

Thanksgiving Turkey RecipePerfect Dry Brined Roasted Turkey

This incredible (and icredibly easy) method for how to cook a turkey makes for moist, firm, and flavorful meat... the likes of which you may never have tasted.

Turkey Cooking InstructionsTurkey Cooking Methods

Not sure how you want to cook your turkey this year? Here, we go over the different ways to cook turkey, from roasting in a bag to deep frying, and what makes each one great.

Simple Roast Turkey RecipeSimple Roast Turkey Recipe

This simple but delicious recipe for a roast turkey makes a wonderful, flavorful bird with a minimum amount of fuss. One of my favorite "low key" birds. Moist and scrumptious!

Getting the Turkey RIGHT

If you've tasted too many dry, overcooked turkeys in the past, or are simply looking for a way to re-vamp your old turkey recipe, these pages are full of tips to help you execute the perfect turkey (not literally-- that part should already be done!) every time.

Thanksgiving Turkey TipsThanksgiving Turkey Tips

It doesn't matter when you cook your bird: Christmas, Thanksgiving, or just because you're REALLY hungry. These tips will help you plan for the perfect turkey every time.

Best Way to Cook a TurkeyThe BEST Way to Cook a Turkey

Tips on different ways to flavor and cook a turkey. Will definitley help you decide on the perfect way to roast a turkey for your tastes, time, and situation.

How to Roast a Moist TurkeyHow to Roast a Moist Turkey

Tips on getting the turkey moist every time you make one. Includes cooking and flavoring method, brine and marinade ideas, and more tips for getting a moist turkey.

Recipes for Deep Fried Turkey

Turkey Deep Fryer RecipeTurkey Deep Fryer Instructions and Recipes

Looking to make a deep fried turkey? This page will start you off with all the basic instructions for how to cook a turkey in a deep fryer, plus some great recipes for Cajun fried turkey.

How to Fry a TurkeyHow to Fry a Turkey

Including turkey deep frying supplies, suggestion, and instructions, here you'll learn everything you need to fry a turkey for the holidays.

Deep Fried Turkey RecipesMore Deep Fried Turkey Recipes

Here are some more great recipes for a deep fried turkey, from a classic-tasting moist turkey with brine to a full-out Cajun creation.

Fried Turkey Injection RecipeDeep Fried Turkey Injection Recipes

Get a ton of flavor into your deep fried turkey! Great recipes for turkey marinade injections (for fried or unfried turkey) and tips for injecting a turkey.

Smoked Turkey How-To's and Recipes

How to Smoke a Turkey How to Smoke a Turkey

An overview of how to smoke a turkey, including instructions, smoker tips, turkey wood smoking choices, and more.

Turkey Smoking Turkey Smoking 101

Step by step instructions on how to cook a turkey in a smoker, from flavoring or brining a smoked turkey to lighting the smoker, to smoked turkey cooking times.

Cooking Smoked TurkeyCooking Smoked Turkey

Tips and instructions for how to cook a turkey that's already been smoked (either by you, or a pre-cooked, frozen smoked turkey).

Smoked Turkey RecipeSmoked Turkey Recipe Ideas

Recipes and ideas for smoking turkey, including smoked turkey brine recipes, spice rubs, and recipes for leftover smoked turkey, like pot pie and pate.

Turkey How-To's

How to Thaw a TurkeyHow to Thaw a Turkey

If you've never made a turkey before, how do you know what to do with that frozen block of bird? These turkey thawing time charts will help!

Best Way to Thaw a TurkeyBest Ways to Thaw a Turkey

This page outlines the different methods out there for thawing a whole turkey or thawing a turkey breast, including tips on which should be the best one for you.

How to Bake a TurkeyHow to Bake a Turkey

Baking is the most common and the simplest way to prepare a holiday turkey. This takes you step by step through thre process.

How to Roast a TurkeyHow to Roast a Turkey

Tips on how to roast a turkey, including choosing recipes for roast turkey, the right kind of bird, and simple turkey instructions.

How to Carve a TurkeyHow to Carve a Turkey

Tips and instructions on how to carve a turkey so that it comes out perfect and juicy every time.

Cook Frozen TurkeyHow to Cook Frozen Turkey

Forgotten to buy a turkey in time, or left yours in the freezer too long? Don't panic! You can cook frozen turkey using these turkey recipes and still get a great result. Here's how.

Slow Cook TurkeyHow to Slow Cook Turkey

Like the idea of this hands-off turkey cooking method that results in melt-in-your-mouth meat? Here's how to do it in the oven or the crock pot-- and as safely as possible!

Cook Turkey OvernightCooking Turkey Overnight

Tips and instructions on how to cook a turkey in the oven overnight at a low temperature. Results in a very tender bird.

How Long to Cook a Turkey in a Covection OvenCooking Turkey in a Convection Oven

Convection ovens are great! But using one will change your timing and your final result a bit. Here are some tips for cooking your holdiay turkey in a convection oven.

Roasting a Turkey in a Roaster OvenRoasting Turkey in a Roaster Oven

Tips, timing, and instructions for how to cook a turkey in a roaster oven-- including how to get crisp skin!

If you don't find answers to your questions about how to cook a turkey in the pages above, go to the bottom of this page to ask a turkey question!

Turkey Prep and Planning

Turkey Cooking TimesCalculating Cooking Times for Turkey

Don't know how long you need to cook your turkey? This page goes over cook times by type of bird and cooking method.

Turkey Breast Cooking TimeTurkey Breast Cooking Times

Guideline for cooking times for a turkey breast cooked in the oven, including convection oven turkey breast and an unthawed turkey breast cooked from frozen.

Turkey Cooking SuppliesSupplies for Cooking Turkey

What do you stock up on for cooking a Christmas or Thanksgiving turkey? Here, I'll go over both must-have and optional supplies.

Cooking Thanksgiving TurkeyCooking a Thanksgiving Turkey

Whether cooking a turkey for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or just because, this page will help you plan your turkey... as well as choose the perfect recipe.

Just the Bits
(Turkey Breasts and Drumsticks)

Cookign Turkey DrumsticksCooking Turkey Drumsticks

Tips and recipes for cooking turkey drimsticks for Christmas, Thanksgiving, a summer BBQ, or whenever.

Barbecue TUrkey LegsBarbecued Turkey Legs

Recipes and instructions for making sticky-sweet barbecued turkey legs.

Smoked Turkey Legs RecipeSmoked Turkey Legs

For some, smoked turkey legs (like the kind at Disneyland) are the ultimate food. This page will help you get that same awesomeness at home.

Roast Turkey Breast RecipeRoast Turkey Breast Recipe

Tips on how to choose and cook a turkey breast for a special holiday meal, including my favorite recipe for lemon and herb roasted turkey breast.

Turkey Breast Cooking DirectionsTurkey Breast Cooking Directions

Tips and simple directions on how to cook a turkey breast perfectly every time, from seasoning to timing to carving. Makes it very easy!

Cooking Turkey BreastIdeas for Cooking Turkey Breast

Tips and instructions on how to cook a turkey breast, including cooking methods, flavoring methods, and more.

How long do you cook turkey breastHow Long do you Cook Turkey Breast?

A guideline for how long it takes to cook a turkey breast in the fryer, smoker, grill, or crockpot.

Turkey Gravy and Stuffing Recipes

Turkey Gravy RecipeTurkey Gravy Recipe

If you want to make wonderful gravy for your wonderful turkey recipe, this page has everything you need. Including a great recipe for make-ahead turkey gravy that will save you loads of time.

Make Gravy From Turkey DrippingsMaking Gravy from Turkey Drippings Step by step instructions from taking all those tasty turkey juices and making a wonderful homemade gravy from them. Delicious, simple, and easy to follow!

Homemade Turkey GravyAll About Homemade Gravy

An overview of the different kinds of homemade turkey gravy recipes, and how to make them. With these simple guidelines, making gravy is simple.

Turkey Stuffing RecipesTraditional Turkey Stuffing Recipes You've gotta have a turkey dinner with stuffing! These turkey stuffing recipes are classic, wonderful, and can be used for stuffing a turkey or cooking outside of one.

Sausage Stuffing RecipesSausage Stuffing Recipes

Want to make a classic turkey stuffing recipe with sausage and spice? These recipes --each one really original and delicious-- will fit the bill.

Making Stuffing for TurkeyTips for Making Stuffing for Turkey

Tips and instructions on putting together stuffing recipes for turkey, including how to stuff the bird, how much to make, and what to put in a turkey dressing.

Cooking a Wild Turkey

Cooking a Wild TurkeyCooking a Wild Turkey

Tips on preparing a wild turkey & how to cook a turkey you shot yourself. Including plucking and skinning, plus some great recipes for a wild turkey.

Wild Turkey RecipeRecipes for Wild Turkey

More great recipes for cooking a wild turkey for Christmas or Thanksgiving... or just because it's hunting season.

Have a Question About How to Cook Turkey?

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